Bite ready

Kung Ché Nam Pla (extra spicy) *

  Marinated shrimp with spicy sauce

    2,50 EUR / pc

* not possible to pack for take away

Loempia Maison *

  Homemade spring rolls with pork and vegetables

    2,00 EUR / pc, 7,50 EUR / 5pcs

* Packed from 5 pieces


Moo Satay (spicy) *

  Grilled pork skewers with peanut sauce cucumber salad

    2,50 EUR / pc, 10,00 EUR / 5pcs

* Packed from 5 pieces


Pad Thaï Kai

  Stir fried noodles with chicken

    10,00 EUR

Curry of the day

  Curry of the day served with rice

    11,00 EUR

Set Satay & rice

  5 pieces of Moo Satay with half portion of rice

    11,00 EUR

Vegeterain Dish (spicy)

  Cucumber salad, rice, peanut sauce

2020 Curry of the Day

05/10-09/10: chicken in green curry 

12/10-16/10: pork in red curry

19/10-23/10: beef in green curry26/10-30/10: chicken in red curry

02/11-06/11: pork in green curry

09/11-13/11: beef in massamancurry

16/11-20/11: chicken in green curry 

23/11-27/11: pork in red curry

30/11-04/12: beef in green curry07/12-11/12: chicken in red curry

14/12-18/12: pork in green curry

Tom Kha Tai (spicy)

  Coconut soup with chicken

   5 EUR

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